No matter what the appearance of anything seems to be, with the attention fixed upon this recognition, it is impossible for anything but good to come out of every condition. You can see at once how impossible it would be for God to make a condition that would affect Himself adversely. No Student can attain and maintain his or her freedom from limitation without recognizing and applying this simple yet Mighty

It is so childish and foolish for one, in the recognition of this Mighty “Presence,” to continue to give power and authority to outer things. After Students have entered the Conscious Path, they should understand that they must keep the conscious guard for their protection, their defense, their deliverance— and know positively that God in them is the one and only Directing Intelligence.

Unwelcome thoughts: It is useless for the sincere Student to say, think, or feel that he cannot govern his thought and feeling. I assure you that at first it does take determined watchfulness; but it must be done, and there is no getting away from it. If strangers began to open the door and pass through one’s home unannounced and unwelcome, I am sure it would not be long until the individual locked the door and, if necessary, placed a notice outside that only those invited might enter, and none without being announced. The same principle can be applied in governing the mental world or world of thought. We can place the sign outside of the Magic Circle of our active Life, just as tangibly as we can place it on the outside of the door of our home.

The Student can say with full authority: “God! My Mighty Presence, surround me with Thy Mighty Magic Circle, that naught unlike Thee may find entrance at any time. See that this is sustained without a break anywhere; and with Thy Invincible Power and Wisdom, enable me to govern and qualify eternally all thought and outer action with Thy Full Dominion.”

The I AM Discourses Vol. 4, 1939


Use once an hour:

“Mighty I AM Presence”! come forth, charge my being and world with the Light and Love from the Secret Love Star, and keep It eternally sustained.

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.