In the Full Understanding of your “Presence,” remember: only through your attention is everything made possible for you. Without your attention upon a given thing, you cannot know its activity. Thus your attention becomes the first focal point for the Power of your “Presence” to come through and fulfill every requirement. Through it must come all that your Heart craves, all that you wish to have made manifest. Remember! IAM 52915Where your attention rests, there flows your Life.

I want to say to you, that We are wholly indifferent to the human opinions of mankind which say that in these Dictations you will find Us repeating each other. We are not concerned with the intellectual imagination of mankind! We are voicing Our Words, which are “Cups” that carry Freedom and Perfection!

We are not concerned with the foolish criticism of mankind whose intellect says that certain expressions should be used. We are not concerned in the slightest! We give forth that which the people require, and let the human criticism cease! If We followed the human opinions of mankind, We would be in the same conditions they are experiencing. Therefore, We no longer accept human opinions! We stand forth giving the Law of Life absolutely unadulterated by human suggestions. If you find that in the various Dictations We have repeated each other, then know it is for your blessing and benefit.

You have but certain words in your vocabulary. If one of mankind or twenty repeated those same words, is it plagiarizing? I want you to know in this Work, Dear Hearts, We are not in the slightest concerned about any human opinion. We give forth this Law! It is doing Its Work! And We are not concerned with human conceit.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! see that I never miss or disobey a Direction from Thee! See that I do only that which expands Thy Perfection everywhere forever.

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.