The 11/11 Portal Is Powerful Manifesting Energy

The 11/11 Portal in this year of 2022 is indeed a very powerful one energetically speaking for the earthly collective but extremely important for Indigos to be aware and take full advantage of.

This time is considered by the metaphysical/spiritual community to be an energetic new year and reset.


11/11 Portal Energetic New Year photo


Celebrate good times, come onLet’s celebrateThere’s a party going on right hereA celebration to last throughout the yearsSo bring your good times and your laughter tooWe gonna celebrate your party with you, come on ~ Song by Eumir Deodato and Kool & The Gang

The Most Powerful Manifesting Energy

Sleep in the Wish Fulfilled

We just moved through a very powerful Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and moved directly into the 11/11 Portal. Hell yeah this is some powerful ish!.

If you have been following The Indigo Room on YouTube and have been applying some of the tools we’ve talked about during our 30 days of Assuming it Real, then you are already using your feelings to manifest. The stage has been set. You have done a lot of work this past year, releasing those old selves you’ve created, letting go of things that no longer serve you, understanding the power of your imagination and accepting the truth of who you really are.  You are ret to go! Get busy LOL. Sleep in the wish fulfilled tonight, tomorrow night take advantage of this portal!

If you haven’t gotten up to speed yet, no worries you still should take advantage of this dynamic and powerful manifesting energy. How? By setting your intentions for this new and powerful energetic new year by using your feelings. What would it feel like to stand in your Indigo Being more fully and allowing yourself to be the truth and love you came here to be? What would that feel like to you? Imagine it as you drift off to sleep tonight and tomorrow night and allow yourself to be immersed in that feeling. Of course you can do this at anytime but right now we are being assisted in ways we have yet to be assisted before.

You can also start your 30 days right now for no cost to you except your focus and attention right on The Indigo Room YouTube Channel

What does the air feel like? What are you touching? Who is with you? Where are you standing? Are you in your new home, driving your new car, in love with your soulmate, are you doing what you love? What would you be doing and feeling if this were true? Imagine All of that! Imagine yourself meeting your guides, angels and ascended masters from the Blue Realm. Smile as you drift off to sleep and release any attachment to the outcome as best you can.

Check in with your vision boards and remember all of the wonderful things that have manifested for you thus far. Reflect on how far you have come and know that Miracles are natural for you as the Indigo being you are. Remember you are Source Indigo Energy right here in a physical body and you can be do and have ANYTHING that you desire!

We are being given a grand opportunity to put our skills and tools to work, so take advantage of this time.

11/11/22 Are Master Numbers in Numerology

Master numbers are very powerful numbers in numerology.

11 is the bringer of spiritual awareness and a devout supporter of humankind. It is truly a messenger of the universe.

22 channels cosmic wisdom down to Earth and uses it to turn incredible dreams into reality.

Read more about what and how these two master numbers manifest in our lives.  11 here and 22 here

Angel Numbers from Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray

I love this book. I use it daily. If you see numbers appearing on a regular basis and you wonder why. These are messages our angels, guides and ascended masters are using to reach out to us. Look up the number and read the corresponding message. It will always be relevant to what you are experiencing or going through.

Let’s take a look at what messages 11 and 22 say below:

11 Message You are in a state of expansion and getting to know your true self better than ever. Know you were born to shine.

22 Message You are at a crucial point on your journey which will help you understand the relationships and spiritual assignments that will support your growth.

If you would like to get your own Angel Numbers book, click the link below. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases listed on this page.”

Indigos Don’t Pass this By

Indigo this is your time to truly step into your true self unapologetically. Step into your power and the truth of who you really Are.  We are being called to move into our Blue Realm energy and to connect more fully with our Highest Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. They are waiting to assist you in every facet of your well being here on planet Earth. They have heard your cries in the middle of the night and during the day. They have seen your struggle. But they cannot assist you fully until You dear Indigo give the permission to do so. So give the permission to do so. Just speak out loud, my highest guides, angels and ascended masters I am ready to connect with you now. You can connect with them at anytime but this Divine 11/11 Portal is just the right mix of energy to do so.

Remember to drink plenty of water and keep a notebook and pen near your bed so you may write down any dreams as soon as you open your eyes. Don’t wait as often after just one minute the dream tends to fade back into the recesses of your mind.

You may have been feeling strange aches and pains these past few days, possible body aches, muscles aches, headaches or congestion for seemingly no reason. It could be that you are indeed ill so do see a physician if necessary. However, those are also symptoms of the new energies we have been receiving during this time and should dissipate as easily as they started. Of course it goes without saying but I am saying it, if these symptoms persist make sure to see your physician.