10/10 Portal Re-MINDING Meditation

Indigos, you are going through a Re-minding. It will feel as if you are losing your mind at times. That is good because you are.

Re-minding is a dissolution of your old way of thinking and thinking a-new. We are helping you with that. You can dissolve the mind which you have created in the past, present and future that you have used to create the reality you are currently living and it has not allowed you to accept the truths not yet seen on this planet. Your Re-minding is what this 10/10 portal window energy will bring to you if you allow it to do so. The 10/10 portal is not only for the day of October 10 this year but will extend to the end of the month the 30th. This Re-minding meditation can be used anytime during this timeframe for its most powerful effects. 


Re-minding Meditation. 

This meditation can be done during this current 10/10 portal on the day and/or the rest of the month. This meditation is not just for the 10/10 portal but is most powerful during this timeline. 

Feel your whole entire body, mind and soul. 

Relax your entire body. Speak to your body and tell it to relax, repeat these words, relax, relax, relax. 

Imagine a powerful light energy surrounding you and feel it infused with the energy from the being of Love with the power of a thousand suns. 

Call in your Higher-Self, your highest Guides and Angels from the Blue Realm. 

State outloud or to yourself. I am choosing to connect only with my Higher-Self, my highest Guides and Angels from the Blue Realm. 

Imagine that your Higher-Self is standing next to you in your love energy bubble. Your Higher-Self is the bigger part of you still in The Blue Realm while you are here in the 3D earthly realm.  Imagine your Higher-Self doing the same exact breath exercise below in tandem standing next to you as well. Your Higher-Self is assisting you greatly at this time.

If you have crystals or gemstones, hold them in your hands. 

Next take a very deep breath through your nose filling up your lungs from the bottom of your diaphragm and hold it for the slow count of ten. See and feel your Higher-Self doing the same. 

Exhale that breath completely from your lungs until you need to take another breath. Do this breathwork 2 more times. 

On the 4th breath raise your arms up, hands facing each other still holding your crystals. Imagine a ball of light energy between your hands and blow your breath into the ball. As you do the ball of light grows. (light color, white or gold) 

See your Higher-Self doing the same except their light is Indigo Blue

Do this breathwork to 5 and on the 6th breath feel and see your Higher-Self merge with your physical self. 

Once that 6th breath is completed. Lower your hands and visualize the ball you have generated entering your body at the 3rd chakra which is between your navel and heart. This is where your lower self resides. Ask your Lower-Self to move that energy up to your third eye chakra. Know within your being that your Higher-Self is also doing the same. 

Imagine now the energy ball of light going up through your crown chakra, (the top of your head) to your Higher-Self and thank your Higher-Self for the spiritual gifts you are now receiving. Next imagine your Higher-Self sending to you the Indigo Blue energy coming through you to your lower self at your third chakra. 

State outloud or to yourself, “I now dissolve the mind  I have created past, present and future that I have used and allowed to block my true mind and the truth of who I AM. I command this with my full soul power. It is done. Thank you!”

You can do this exercise during this powerful 10/10 portal which again extends to the end of the month to facilitate your spiritual gifts coming online and being activated.