The Cell Phone Game & 30 Day Work Book Download

July 28, 2008 Show Episode–98
On our July 28th Show Sydney discussed the Cell Phone Game!!!

What is the Cell Phone Game??
It is simply this. We all carry our cellphones around with us now more often than not. We even get a little wicky wacky if we left it at home. Use your cellphone to assist you to feel better.

Sydney uses her cell phone to remind her to do 17 seconds, to tickle her amygdala, to remember to take a moment to breath, or just become like a wet noodle.

Wet Noodle?? Yes just relax your muscles as if you were a wet noodle after it’s been cooked. Or how about using your cell phone to just remember to smile every once in a while for no apparent reason?

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Also on the show —The 30 Day Work Book Download

Sydney also wants to share with you all a wonderful work book Put together by Ulrike Haupt December 2002 called:

How To Change Your Life Around In 30 Days Implementing Law Of Attraction To Deliberately Create Health, Wealth and Love

To download the work book and to read how to play the cell phone game visit The Indigo Room Website at

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3 Comments on The Cell Phone Game & 30 Day Work Book Download

  1. Very very cool, I wake up to a message each morning… went crazy and scheduled myself wake up calls for the year! Great to look thru blurry eyes first thing and read…. watch the mind, catch thoughts at least 10times today… or… today is peachy butt day, squeeze those cheeks. Would love to upgrade to a voice version!

  2. Me too. I live on my blackberry as well!I let it sleep with me too.

  3. too funny, I already spend too much time looking at emails on my crackberry

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