struggle peace

Try to have your Students understand that the very fact of sincerely seeking the Light of God, if sought with sufficient sincerity and intensity, will cause all problems of the outer to be quickly and normally solved. If individuals, finding themselves confronted by problems, would say: “Mighty God in whom I recognize and feel Thy full Power of Action! Thou \Mighty I AM Presence7 solve this problem and do it quickly,” then calmly enter into the stillness, the Silence of that “Mighty I AM Presence” — they would find and soon feel the peace, certainty, and relief from what they feel to be a necessary struggle in the outer to solve the problem.

It is the feeling of struggle in the outer self that really causes the struggle. To pour forth that mighty love and devotion to God, always Omnipresent, should without effort bring complete relief from all anxiety. To seek God merely to solve a problem but partially opens the Door; but to seek God, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” with true sincerity and devotion for the Light of God, would quickly cause all outer problems to be solved in Peace and Harmony, according to the recognition of the “Mighty I AM Presence” in action.

Ascended Master Instruction, The I AM Discourses Vol 4.


I AM the Controlling, Harmonizing Presence everywhere I move and of everything to which my thought is directed bringing all into Divine Order through Divine Love.

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.