The Invisible Gardner, Andy Lopez of Don’t Panic It’s Organic 10/19/07 Episode-36

The Invisible Gardener, Andy Lopez of Don’t Panic It’s Organic
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Andy Lopez

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Do You have a Garden? Got some questions about growing your garden organically? Join us as we chat with Andy Lopez The Invisible Gardener.
Andy goes to work with vinegar, a bag of flour, garlic cloves, peppermint soap, and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. He may sound like a Cajun chef, but he’s actually one of the worlds most respected organic gardeners. He uses these items as pesticides. As time passes, more and more so-called safe chemicals are outlawed, he says, after society has been used as a guinea pig. That’s why Lopez promotes organic alternatives through books, tapes, lectures, and radio shows, and now through his web site. Andrew has served over 200 clients and many are in the entertainment industry such as Martin Sheen, William Shatner, Eddie Albert. Max Call and Olivia Newton-John, to name a few of his past clients. He is also seen on PBS show New Garden with two current shows called Andy’s Ant Secrets and Organic Tree Care.

Second Hour

We continue our Expanding our thoughts. Stay with us for , Second Life, Fridays Rampage of Appreciation, What are you looking at, Our Book of the Month is Ask & It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Have fun with us as we play 17 seconds, and tickling amygdala. Hear some Good News, Birthday Shoutouts, our website & myspace pick of the Day and more. See ya there!

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  1. I own a lawn service business and I am trying to learn more about running my business more green. I am trying to ask any experts I can get a hold of. How am I going to service 15 to 30 accounts a day as green as possible. Trying to use a reel mower can be possible, but I don’t think it cuts high enough. I can’t use battery powered whips, edgers and blowers they again won’t last long enough. Is there anything out there yet to help a small business mow green?

  2. Hi Girls… love love love the show… and will be joining it once the timing fits. 10am here Tues/Sats is a little inconvenient for a few more weeks. Meanwhile I’m completely with you as I listen in to the shows – now I’m figuring out how to email the announcement… I know I know you’ve said it a hundred times!!! Dale.

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