ThetaHealing with Alyce Payne 2/18/08 @8pm EDT Episode–74

Thetahealing with Alyce Payne


Spiritual healing, as in Thetahealing™, connects us to something greater than the individual self. In Thetahealing, the healing takes place when the practitioner (Alyce) enters a theta brain wave as is attained in deep meditation. In this meditative state, Alyce is a channel and witness for Creator’s healing and unconditional love. The client will entrain the theta brain wave by their connection with Alyce.

Thetahealing is a gentle and subtle process with dramatic and profound results. All witnessed healings are instant. However, all healings may not manifest as instant in the moment of healing. Creator works with each individual at the pace they are ready to accept the healing. Many healings will manifest within 24 hours. Sometimes it will take a week or more. Sometimes, more than one session is required to fully realize the healing. The client and Creator co-create the healing. Alyce acts as witness and facilitator.

Every healing session generates a sense of joy and greater connection to one’s true self and their connection to Creator. In every healing session that I have facilitated, the client feels a shift and knows that healing has occurred. As the healing integrates into the client’s life, the results are obvious. It is great fun when the healing is instant. However, it is just as powerful when the healing manifests over time. Trusting divine timing is a gift of grace in itself.

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