Thinking Positive and Feeling Negative? | When Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work for Me!

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In this week’s broadcast, we discussed how positive thinking and feeling negative may actually be canceling out your manifestation. As Neville has taught, feeling really is the Secret.

Maybe you’ve found your positive thinking, your I AM Statements, your affirmations are just not working. I share how to get your thoughts and feelings to match so that you can manifest more joyful experiences. It is not always easy, but it is not impossible to do once you get started. (Why is Chaka Khan singing in my head right now? Once you get started…)

Are you faking the funk?

Are you thinking positively but feeling negative or wicky wacky inside? Are you faking the funk? I like to call this the Happy Face Sticker Syndrome; where we put on a happy smile and everything really is falling apart inside. When I find that my thoughts and my feelings are not a match, Law of attraction does not work for me.

During this episode of The Indigo Room, I share a tip that I first heard from Abraham Hicks, although they were not the first ones to use it. It is the Emotional Scale. If you are feeling Fear, Grief, Despair or Powerlessness there is a way up and out of those emotions, by focusing on a new thought that feels a little bit better.

You can find the Emotional Scale on Google or the one I used in this video is located here

I also share how to step up your emotions and then get into your own wonderful human imagination as taught to us by Neville Goddard. We manifest our most dominant feeling, our most dominant emotion. Feeling is key. Our thought plus our feeling equals our vibration; and it is our vibration that attracts, things, experiences, places, and people to us. You can view the new video right here or view our playlists and subscribe links below.

The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality with Sydney Chase is based on the fact that we are spiritual beings having physical human experiences and life is supposed to be fun, beautiful & delicious even when it’s Wicky Wacky!

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