Unconditional Freedom w/Dr. Claude 1/14/08 @8pm EDT Episode-62

Dr. Claude Windenberger


A native of France who is also passionate about dancing, Dr. Claude is a quantum physicist who studied with Dr. John Hagelin, one of the scientists featured in the “What The Bleep” and “the Secret” movies. Dr. Claude Windenberger holds a doctorate degree in Quantum Physics and a Masters degree in Engineering
After 20 years of personal beneficial experiences from what he calls practical ways of applying quantum physics to real life (such as meditation and self-inquiry), Dr. Claude created his own way of looking at reality. Over the past 8-9 years, he has tested this approach on numerous people from many backgrounds, and the results are amazing as reported by his clients. He developed a powerful process that can assist YOU in creating unconditional freedom from any unwanted condition with a short and simple series of questions!

Dr. Claude’s simple process is an easy, fast and powerful process to create freedom from ANY unwanted condition–conditions in your life that you no longer like, yet are still trying to get rid of; those recurring conditions that you may have been stuck with for a long time (referred to as addictions in the movie What the Bleep).

His life-long desire; to help make inner peace and freedom a reality for all people, and to assist anyone in living a powerful, happy and productive life

“In the Unconditional Freedom Session or Workshop, you’ll learn how to create freedom from the initial UC (Unwanted Condition)directly—without having to deal with its presumed causes. The initial UC for most people is probably something like this: “I am unhappy”, or “I am not fulfilled”, or “I don’t feel good”, or “This is no fun”, etc. Once you are free from that UC, you can still FREELY CHOOSE to do those other things (such as exercise and diet), but you won’t feel FORCED to do them (for example, IN ORDER TO lose weight and feel good). This brings back joy and motivation to life.” ~~ Dr. Claude
www.unconditionalfreedom.com www.myspace.com/unconditionalfreedom

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  1. Hello Sydney and Diana:

    Just wanted to thank you and Diana again for a great interview on your show last night. I’d like to know what your listeners thought about this show and how they benefited from applying some of the aspects of the unconditional freedom process that I shared about. I’d also like to encourage everyone to read and listen to some of the amazing stories of transformation a few of my students and clients shared about. They are available on my myspace blogs (http://testimonialsmyspaceblog.drclauderecommends.com). And finally I encourage as many people as possible to go through this quick and simple but very powerful process with me as soon as they are willing to be free from at least one of their unwanted conditions.

    For additional questions or comments anyone might have, please send them to me at http://www.AskDrClaude.com. Anyone mentioning that they heard me on your show will receive an additional 20% discount on my services if they contact me within 7 days of listening to it.

    Dr Claude Windenberger

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