Warning—watch this: My Heart yearns for the Illumination of the Student who keeps voicing day after day, week after week: “How am I to govern my thought? Why don’t these affairs come into shape as I want them to? Why doesn’t everything change about as it should?” Dear Student, let Me say this: Because in the first place, you have built it, created it in your world. In the second place, every time you say “why,” “when,” “where,” “how,” or “what,” you are giving power to the old outer momentum. Stop! Look! Listen!: Use the motto that has come forth in your outer expression in the signs on your streets— “Stop! Look! Listen!”—every time you are tempted to make a negative statement, or admit things less than Perfection. 740b5598d602be7c8f6fd162391aa1b7

Instead of allowing yourself to lament over your seeming inability to master the outer, use that energy to conquer the condition by giving it the quality you need for the solution of your problem. Say: “By the Power of God in me, I can acquire full mastery and do it now; and I positively refuse to give power to outside conditions, persons, places, things, or activities. I have learned to know that there is only God in my Life, my mind, my body, my home, my world, and my affairs. “~~The I AM Discourses, Volume 4 Ascended Master Instruction, 1932


“Mighty I AM Presence”! put me in my own right harmonious place and sustain me there.

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.