I Feel Lost & Alone~Channeled Message

This is a channeled message from our guides in the Blue Realm.

I Feel Lost & Alone~Channeled Message

Indigos you were not created to fit in. You were created to stand out.

You may feel alone in your quirkiness. But your quirkiness is what is unique and extraordinary about you. Embrace it. It helps you more than you can ever know to be the divine being you are and chose to come here to be.

The truth that is in you is real and powerful. God stands with you in your journey of Love, the love of a thousand suns infused with the power of a thousand suns  resides in your being. It is like a fire shut up in your bones and must be expressed, this light is giving you more power and you are helping with that. Let that be known to you all who feel lost and to all who stand with you but especially those who stand against you in any way during this time.

We know it feels like it’s been forever that you have been here on the earth plane in the 3D realm of existence.But you truly have not been here on the earth plane that long. You have not been away from us from your home in the Blue Realm for a great deal of time. It only feels that way because you are in the 3D Realm, the Earth Realm, where time is slowed down substantially.

We have been calling you. Many of you can feel the call, the urgency. You know this. Go in. Go in and connect to us there, meet us there. Within. Within your heart, soul and spirit. We are your guides, your council, your team. We are waiting to connect with you. ~Our Guides in the Blue Realm.