Are You an Indigo?

Are You an Indigo?

You may be feeling something about yourself that you cannot explain with words but you have a feeling that you are something different.  You may have felt this feeling all of your life.  You may feel homesick for a place you think you have never been or think you have never seen but there it is in the pit of your stomach.

Perhaps you are an Indigo.

The term Indigo is a label that was given to those of us who incarnated here from “The Blue Realm”. What is the Blue Realm? We’ll get into that on another post on another day, but for now let’s just focus on the question, Are You an Indigo or Not?

In 2007 after I was told I was from the Blue Realm I researched all I could find about it. But there wasn’t much. I then was told to look up Indigos and a plethora of information showed up in my internet search results. The one website I found the most significant and informative is Sunfell. Her website is still up but hasn’t been active since around 2012. I am happy she has kept the website up with it’s original content still available to read.

Take a look at the Indigo Files   and read the material. It may help you begin the journey to confirming if you are an Indigo here on Earth. Once you are done join us in The Indigo Room on YouTube.