A Gift of Laughter w/Shelly Ryan 2/1/08 @8pm EDT Episode-69

A Gift of Laughter with Shelly Ryan


Shelly’s a late bloomer making up for lost time. She’s finally going global with sharing the greatest gift God gave her… her sense of humor. Laughter is truly therapeutic, and her mission is to help you lead a happier, healthier life. Don’t let the mild-mannered, middle-aged mom persona fool you. Her mantra is “If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun” — and this Atlanta writer and comedian never misses the fun!

Shelly’s closest brush with fame was as a contestant in Nickelodeon at Nite’s “Funniest Mom Contest.” WARNING: She’s NOT your average mom! While driving in her mid-size sports utility vehicle, her mind goes places it often shouldn’t…and always has a fun time while it’s there!

Shelly’s comedy has been broadcast on live streaming radio and podcasts as far away as Australia. She joined the ranks of Internet broadcasting when she produced Red Brick Cabaret and hosted her own variety talk show, Shelly Ryan Late Night, on BZoO HomeGrown Radio.

Her passion for telling stories (and letting the voices in her head escape) has resulted in scripts for several short films and Shelly’s first feature-length screenplay. Donkeylot is a wickedly hilarious romp back to medieval times, but with a modern twist or two along the journey!

Shelly considers herself to be a late bloomer rapidly making up for lost time. Her mission: make the world a better place by sharing the universal language of laughter…or at least make you lose control of random bodily functions! She shares her own fairy tale in her debut CD “Shelly Ryan: Seriously Weird!”


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  1. I guess it would help if I put the location — http://www.fun-wey.com

  2. I love what Shelly has to say, here. Laughter truly is the best medicine. In fact, Dr. Norman Cousins wrote about this in his personal journal many years ago.

    Dr. Cousins was very ill and given no hope for recovery. He ordered his caregivers to bring him all the funny stuff they could find — books, stories, pictures.

    He laughed many times a day (unlike most adults who laugh only 10 – 15 times per day) and cured himself! He was a medical miracle — and his book has sold millions of copies. I recommend it for some outrageous reading.

    It’s often a challenge to bring FUN into your life as an adult woman; too many responsibilities, not enough time, energy or money.

    But there are loads of inexpensive ways to maximize your fun quotient. Take a look at some of the stories we have to share, or write to us and share one of your own!

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