An Order of Skepticism w/ a side of Doubt to go Please..

Yes I said it.  An order of Skepticism with a side order of Doubt is definitely not bad.  In fact I find it quite a wonderful thing.

What prompted me to actually writing about it? Glad you asked..: ))

Today I was invited somewhere by a friend, and I asked one question? “Where is it, cause I may have already been?” The friend took offense to my question, and basically blew me off with have a nice day and said I had doubt about what was going on at the place.

What was going on at the place? I don’t know exactly but it is,  according to my friend a special energy place. Anyway that whole exchange is neither here nor there but it got me to thinking about Skepticism and Doubt with regards to Law of Attraction and Spirituality in general.  Just the way my mind works these

When I was first introduced to the whole Law of Attraction concept through the beings called Abraham, I was a huge skeptic and full of doubt, quite frankly I didn’t want to hear a word they had to say.  When I finally did listen I had a LOT of questions?   The more answers I received the more questions I had.  Heck, I still have more questions, that to me is what an expanding, growing being does.

The thing about Doubt or Skepticism in my opinion is it makes you question and maybe prompts you to do a bit more investigating on a particular subject.  I was never one to take things on blind faith.  To me, Faith is a totally different feeling then Blind Faith.  Blind faith has the hint of  following the crowd like a lemming.  Faith is confidence within, a knowing, no more questions to ask. I say question everything to see if it’s something that works for you or not.  If it doesn’t, great find something that does.

So I lift my glass today to a tall order of Skepticism with a side of Doubt to go please.  Thank you don’t mind if I do.