8 Magic Words, No Out There Talk Show w/ Llenar

Last night March 11, 2009 I had the most delicious pleasure of listening to my friend Llenar’s talk show called No Out There- Out There with guest Joyce Morris.

llenarI met Llenar on Facebook, we chatted a bit where I found out about her talk show but had a chance to listen to it for the first time last night and I am glad I chose this particular episode to do so. It was so good I am listening to it again today as I write this blog entry..: ))

Self-Mastery Part II with Joyce Morris

Prolific author of The 8 Magic Words That Will Change Your Life, How To Create Gold (needed now), An Autobiography of God and Put Get Your Mind in the Game discussing the methods used in her books for Self Mastery

I have to say when I read the header above I was a bit skeptical..8 Magic Words? That will change your Life? My skepticism is what made me tune in to listen actually. So I sat down and gave a listen to see exactly what these two delightful women had to share. As I listened intently I realized that what they were saying resonated with me and I felt sooooooooo good about it that I had to share it with all of you.

You can take these 8 switch words and use them to really get your mind thoughts and feelings aligned with what you are choosing to create in your reality. Llenar http://www.no-out-there.com added more to this discussion that will really assist you when you pop into Vibration Conversations, on Sundays at 6pm, right here on The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality Talk show.

During this discussion Joyce talks about a mastermind group she was in that were about creating more money and really what they were doing was actually creating more poverty for themselves..and what she gleaned from that experience. So take a listen…and get yourself ready for the most Awesome Vibration Conversation this Sunday. Are you ready to take your creation to the next level? I know I am ready! So let’s get crackalackin Indigo Room!

Joyce Morris has a wonderful website http://www.languageofattraction.com where you can read and hear more about these wonderful 8 words.

Am I going to tell you what they are here? Nope you have to listen to the show or check out Joyce’s website.

I’ve invited Llenar and Joyce to join us on The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality Talk show and will keep you posted when they are booked. I am so looking forward to having them join us.

Be Blessed, Be Well and Remember You are Loved and Love
Sydney Chase

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  1. sanna westland | March 13, 2009 at 8:36 am |

    i heard the conferance call from joyce and i cant thank u enough for sending me the notecard in sl sydney 🙂

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