be still

Today, the opportunity of the centuries is open to you, to glorify yourself in the Perfection of the Life which beats your Heart. You cannot be disconnected from It and live. Therefore, your Life is your Light! If you will thank and praise the Life which beats your Heart, then you will have more of Its Power and Activity glorifying you. Your Life is God, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” the Governor of the Universe. If you give It the opportunity, It will bless you as nothing else in the World can. How can It bless you? Only through continued Harmony in your feeling.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, arise in the Power, the Activity, the Authority of your “I AM Presence”! Take command and say to all appearances: You have no power! Stay out of my world! My world is the World of the ‘Mighty I AM. ‘It is governed by and held obedient to my ‘Presence’!No human thing can touch it! Henceforth, I stand free, forever free from all human qualities! Mighty I AM Presence, Your Authority is in Action in my world! I claim Your Perfection as the only Governing Presence in my mind, my body, and in my feeling world. Hold it purified, beautified, and free from every discord, that Your Glory may pour forth and bless all mankind with whom I come in contact.”

If you suddenly find yourself confronted with something and humanly you do not see your way out, just be still! Say to your human intellect: “Be calm now! Be silent! Mighty I AM Presence, ” (Now notice — where your attention is, there you are!) “You take command of me and my world! Produce Your Perfection and hold Your Dominion! If it be a vicious condition, say: Mighty I AM Presence, sweep into this condition! Turn it upside down and bring a Miracle of Your Perfection out of it!” and the “Presence” will do it!

I say to you, Beloved Ones, there is no longer any excuse for mankind not having the Perfection of the “Presence” —because if they will harmonize their feelings, refuse to accept human appearances, and then call the “Presence” to take command of them and their worlds, they will find Its Glory filling their worlds; and nothing else shall have power to touch them.

Ascended Master Light, I AM DISCOURSES, Vol. 7


My “Mighty I AM Presence”! Thou art my way, my protection, my defense and my deliverance from all disturbing conditions, and the instantaneous annihilation of their cause! Thou, my God-Victorious “Presence,” come forth and manifest with Full Power through this mind and body forever.

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.