You who are so earnest have had some experience, without doubt, that has caused you to realize there is a principle of Light which is your Life, which is all Life. You can cause this Light to expand within you and your world, knowing It is anchored within your Heart, and that It is the most powerful Intelligence acting in the Universe. But you have forgotten the Power which is within your Life. Forgetting It, has caused you to accept the appearance world as having power to limit your Life; but upon second thought, you know such a thing is impossible.

All outer manifestation that comes through the Power of this Light is but the effect. Therefore, its cause would have to be more powerful than the effect, would it not? Let us get at the understanding of these Truthsand be more and more practical each day.

All are understanding this practical Application of the Law, for you can stand with your feet on Earth and your head in Heaven. Why do you suppose that expression is often used, even by Ourselves? Did you ever know that here within your human body is the dividing line? (placing hand just above solar plexus) A line drawn across your human form above the solar plexus is the dividing line. If your attention is below that line then you are dragged down into the conditions of Earth. If your attention is above that line, then you will Ascend into the Perfection and Power of your “Presence.”

May I add My Assurance tonight — although it has been so often given —that your attention to your “Presence”is the most powerful thing in the entire Universe. It is the most powerful Activity in the experiences of your Life Stream. I marvel today that mankind and some of the beloved Students, who do intellectually understand that their “Presence” is Real and that It is above them, still they give way to the appearance world as having power to frighten or terrify them. Your “Presence” will always answer your Call; but if you continue to requalify Its Answer and Blessing with your fear or terror of the appearance world, then the process becomes an extended one to your Freedom.

With determination raise your hands to your “Presence”; take your firm stand, even this moment, and say to your human self: “No longer do I yield one moment’s power to you! You can do all you please, but you are not going to interfere with me. You are not going to terrify or scare me because of this appearance world. My \Mighty I AM Presence,’ take command here and stop this human and make it be silent.” Then, you do your part with firm determination.

Ascended Master Light, I AM DISCOURSES, Vol. 7


“Mighty I AM Presence,” come forth here! Silence that human nonsense, mentally and physically, forever.
Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.