Fearing problems: The reason why problems become rampant, as it were, is because the problem or situation becomes charged with fear by the individual. This gives it a certain powerful activity. One should really strive for just the opposite activity by withdrawing all power from it. Fear is feeling, and feeling is always a vitalizing energy. There are two different kinds of feeling that vitalize tremendously, and these are fear and hate. Instead of giving power to a problem and thus vitalizing it, one should withdraw all sustaining energy and leave it helpless.

The fact of the matter is that all of these problems, so-called, are creations of the outer mind538172_10151403454408397_1921145755_n or of laws set up by mankind through the outer self. Through these human laws, people harass each other or try to compel one individual to do for another what he or she is apparently not able to do, because it is the outer, man-made laws acting instead of the Divine. If every individual would turn with all sincerity and ask God’s Love and Wisdom to direct him or her every moment and live it accordingly, in less than a year—possibly six months —there would not be a problem confronting mankind.

When you want something fulfilled, it is well to affirm it; but it is also good to write it out and say, “God! The ‘Mighty I AM Presence see that this is fulfilled. If at any time you seem to have made a mistake, always take this stand and say that only good can come out of it. Know always that God directs your every decision with Wisdom and that you do decide quickly and correctly the Perfect Thing to do and then do it.~~Ascended Master Instruction, The I AM Discourses Vol 4.


Mighty I AM Presence! Take this doubt out of me. Make me see, feel and be the fullness of this Truth and Thy Perfection forever.

Adorations & Affirmations, I AM Discourses, Vol 5.