“Divine Love is the Reservoir of Life and the Treasure-chest of the Universe. It automatically draws to the personal self every good thing. When the outer activity of the mind acknowledges the I AM Presence’ and keeps attuned to Divine Love, then all achievement is accomplished without struggle or strain, and all creative activity becomes the continual expansion and enjoyment of Perfection.

“The more one studies Life and contemplates Perfection, the less he struggles with people and things, and the more he adores the ‘God Presence’; for one who worships Perfection must of nediet-quotes-Life-Quotes-Live-Life-To-Fullenecessity become That upon which his attention rests. When mankind fills the outer activity of the mind with thoughts and feelings of Perfection, the bodies and affairs of humanity will bring into the outer that order and Perfection also. The more we understand Life and Perfection, the simpler all becomes, until we have to do only one thing and do it all the time: fill our thought and feeling with Divine Love always.

Life never struggles, for that which struggles is the consciousness which attempts to limit Life, and is but the interference with the Perfection which is forever trying to come through. If the personal or outer self will just let Life flow and keep at peace, the manifested result will be Perfection—the Divine Way of Life fulfilled. Many who start earnestly to attain this Understanding become discouraged and discontinue their search because they are looking for things instead of enjoying God—by adoring the Beauty and Power of the Great Light for Itself only. If we seek the Light because we love to adore the Light, results are absolutely certain to follow; and we are then putting God first, which must be if the personal self is to be kept in its right relation to Life.”~~The Magic Presence, The I AM Discourses Vol. 2


“Mighty I AM Presence”! move everywhere before me today, and do all for me and through me perfectly!~~I AM Adorations and Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.