God Comes Through Every Single Time –Part 5

Things have gotten better since that day. Am I still at my Dad’s…Yes yes I am but I feel good about it now…LOL That is the difference. I am excited about what’s coming my way now.

Why am I writing this all now instead of after my desires have all shown up in the physical forms I want them too, because I am on my journey just like YOU!!!

The difference now for me is I am really really enjoying my journey…I love how the energy moves through me. I love knowing that I have control over how I feel. I love that I don’t need conditions to change in order for me to feel good. I love feeling good. The fact is it’s no longer an Action Journey only for me. It’s an emotional journey first and always and from me first making me feeling good a priority, the most important thing to me, my journey and my actions are inspired. The ideas that I now find I have access to are amazing to me.

The fact is, that if I make everything, everything an emotional journey first, play the games that lift up my thoughts and vibrations, the Universe/God/Source/All that is is responding to those and gives me corresponding experiences, things, conditions and situations that are a match to that song I am singing, feeling delicious about. Can I sing today a better tone, a better vibration, a better song than yesterday? Absolutely. Can I trust that God hears me, my tone, and my song and responds accordingly with a match. Most definitely that has always been so…just didn’t know it…or I forgot…but now I am making it a deliberate concsious thought to feel what I am thinking about more often.

Does it take practice? You bet it does. Is it worth it? Hell Yes!!!! Am I willing to try? Always. What have I got to lose? Nothing except not feeling good. My thing is if I can feel better or good than I did before that thing happened, or before I thought that thought….well now that’s worth a million gazillion dollars to me.

What else I also started to notice was that I could even Pretend to feel good even when I wasn’t….ha ha ha and then start to feel good….that’s how powerful I have allowed myself to become in my own reality. Then I noticed without me having to struggle or make things happen the things I’ve been wanting to happen are starting to happen…some have already happened…some are still becoming…conditions and situations are changing.

But here lies the Rub. I no longer NEED any of them to change to feel good. And yet because I feel good they change none the less.

So do I stand here and say that I have everything I’ve ever wanted and now from this vantage point of having accomplished all of my goals am I going to tell you how to get yours?? NOPE I am standing right here in my own physical shoes, living at my Dad’s home…knowing that I am indeed a vibrational being, knowing that I am also non-physical energy….knowing that I can and always do have access to better feeling thoughts…and by doing so I have access to this huge vibrational escrow with everything I desire in it. And knowing that I don’t owe anyone anything except for me to be connected and aligned with God/Source and when I do everyone around me benefits and the whole Universe Expands. And knowing when I move towards feeling good I am allowing it all to flow in, and that I’ve got the valve open. When I’ve got the valve open Source/God/Life Force is flowing through me and all kinds of delicious desires start to flow into my experience, things that are important to me, my preferences.

So to me, if you want your life to start going in a direction you like and are wanting…you might take Abrahams advice…or some other teacher that resonates with you. …For me Abraham and two other teachers I love Orin and Daben was/is clear…and now I have access to my own guides….Take the emotional journey first, however that feels best to you and you will see and feel how powerful you really are.

You won’t know unless you Go!!!

You too will feel God/Source flowing through you. Then you too will have access to what you never before allowed yourself to have access to. Your work, My work, her work, his work, their work is to ALLOW and Let God/Source handle the rest…Allow? Yup! Find something to feel good or better about and stay there…Let God/Source handle the rest. And you know what?

God comes through every single time.

Peace and Light
Sydney Chase…