HELLO 2015

1115 i am

Hello to you as well 🙂 I was gone a very long time. Well it feels very long. My last BLOG post was October 5, 2012 and that was the day I fell down a flight of stairs outside my home, and wound up with crushed vertebrae in my back. Debilitating back pain and spasms for about 18 months. I could barely walk at times, never mind sitting at the computer long enough to type.

So Today is a Joy for me to say hello to 2015 pain free. And I found out quite by accident last week that I can run again. 🙂

I AM Statements, my Mighty I AM Presence, my God Presence within and Imagination really do work. What a powerful combination.

HELLO 2015 It’s good to be here. It’s good to be back!