I am Creating My Dream_______Series 8/24 & It’s a Pyschic Affair Series 8/27

This Month in our I am Creating My Dream______Series, Bob Fraser and Michael Wallach.

The I am Creating My Dream________Series on The Indigo Room is a monthly segment where we fill in the blank with a topic. This months topic is the Acting/Entertainment Industry.

Are you an Actor, Actress, Entertainer or in the Entertainment Field? Maybe you want to be and just have no idea how to even begin unfolding your dream. Well join us Friday August 24, at 8pm in The Indigo Room for some delicious chats with people who understand this business and the magnificent spiritual physical being you are.

Bob Fraser


Writer, producer, director and actor with a five-page resume of credits in Hollywood, Broadway, broadcasting and theatre, Bob Fraser has written, produced, directed, and/or appeared in hundreds of television episodes and more than 130 stage productions … not to mention several feature films. On the New York stage, Bob appeared as Snoopy in the original Off-B’way hit, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, starred as Lady Chatterly’s Lover, and received rave reviews for his role in The March March.

In 1980 he started six years as writer/producer “show runner” on the long-running TV classic, Benson. While doing Benson, Bob also co-authored two produced plays: Frozen Stiff and After All These Years. Bob has been supervising producer and/or writer on such series as Full House, The Love Boat, Harry & The Hendersons, Condo, Phyl & Mikhy, Hamburger Tech, Mr. Mrs. & Mr., Normal Life, The Dictator, The Library and a bunch of others. In the late eighties, while under contract to Paramount, Bob co-created, wrote, produced and starred in his own NBC series, Marblehead Manor. While doing Marblehead, Bob also co-created the popular game show, Wipeout.

A member of WGA, DGA, SAG, AFTRA, Actor’s Equity & The American Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences (Ret.), Bob has been nominated twice for NAACP’s Image Award, received Emmy recognition for Benson, has authored 17 plays and musicals, not to mention three books. He is also an expert on vaudeville and the melodramas of the 1890’s. Bob’s latest project is You Must Act!

On Monday August 27 “It’s A Psychic Affair” Series with 3 intuitive readers on schedule.

Our first guests are Michael Smith & Larry Porter who both work with Amaya & Isaiah in The Imagine Wellness Program. Our second guest is our own Indigo Room in house pyschic reader Shelle.

Dr. Michael Smith, NCC, RPP

Intuitive Counseling & Energy Healing Bodywork & Polarity Therapy, with 13 years experience. Author, workshop leader & Former professor at the University of Wyoming. Michael is an amplifier of Energy, and in particular, is involved in spreading the word of the coming changes happening on our mother Earth. I’ve been following indigenous and Earth-based (Lakota) spiritual practices: Inipi (purification lodges), humblecha (vision quests) Part of Michael’s work involves speaking with and channeling some of the Archangels. www.myspace.com/michaelimaginewellness

Larry Porter


Medical Intuitive & Diagnostician who studied intensely with legendary healer Soloman Wickey. Specializing in Remote Healing. Author of “The Great Amish Doctor” & presenter at WholeExpo Fairs. Visit Larry’s Myspace Page for his unique video interviews & examples of his work. www.myspace.com/larryporterhealing

Angel Alliance & Enlightenment

Returning to The Indigo Room, Chelle, A master Psychic for over 25 years. A Numerologist, clairvoyant and tarot card reader. She works with vibrations guiding her in your path to enlightenment and answering any questions you may have in your career or financial life, love compatibility as well as guiding you spiritually.

Visit Chelles Myspace page and her website Angel Alliance & Enlightenment Chelle will be back to visit with us October 22, at 9pmEST.

The Goddess Factory Moment with Abiola Abrams. www.thegoddessfactory.com