It is Not Your Job to Figure Out the HOW!

Finally got it all set up!

I am so hyped. I received this gift from an Indigo Room Subscriber and Donor, Thursday 9/12/19. They wish to remain anonymous, but I know who they are.?? I shall honor their request. I am so very thankful. This workstation, laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse exceeded what I put on my CREATE YOUR DAY LIST.

Imagination creates. All in our Wonderful human imagination. You just figure out the what, go to the end, and don’t worry about it nor mess with the middle. The middle the who, the how is not our work.

You can learn how to use your imagination better too. I am teaching this technique in my IMAGINATION CREATION GROUP COACHING 9/19 & 9 /20.

In the meantime, I am like the nerdy nerd kid at the techy shop this week. I love it THANK YOU!!!!!!?????