Monday Night 8/13/07 guests Bob Doyle and Amaya

Join us Monday August 13 8pm-10pm in The Indigo Room as we chat with Bob Doyle and Robin Velez (Amaya) Channeler of Isaiah about The Secret, Law of Attraction, Resistance and Vibrations.

Bob Doyle

One of The Secret Teachers Bob Doyle, best known for his Wealth Beyond Reason Program is joining us as we chat with him about The Secret, Law of Attraction, the natural laws of physics and EFT. Bob Doyle goes with us as we go beyond The Secret and delve deeper into why lowering our resistance is key to creating and manifesting our desires. Bob is a husband, a father, a musician as well as a photographer.

Robin Velez (Amaya)

Since 1988, Robin has worked full time as a healer, channel, teacher and advisor. She is certified in gestalt therapy, rebirthing, hypnotherapy, and energy/body healing work. Robin is also a workshop facilitator and seminar leader of wellness programs at conferences, universities, and institutes throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Regarded as a sage, shaman, medicine woman, one who walks between two worlds, she is a path finder for those who are seeking self-realization. As a teacher, she brings from the unseen to the seen, from the unknown to the known, from the known to a higher place of more information

“I take you down to the depths of your shadow, to your darkest space, and then back up again.” ~~Robin Velez

From Isaiah: Ancient beings of wisdom, compassion, divine love and light speak through Robin. Their mission is described eloquently in their own words:

“We come to this place to help. We take the name Isaiah because it is a name that clears the way and brings others to the God light. And that’s all we care about. That’s all we want. Our mission is to help others remember that they are loved, in a way that is so deeply visceral, emotional, energetic, and personal, that they cannot help but want to embrace more. Some will be thrown asunder by this. Some will step aside. But we do not judge this, nor do we rebuke others for being so. Each in their own good time will come to the voice of God again.

“We are doing this because this is what we do. How could we not? There is nothing else to do but this. Because your world, as you know, is in the great throes of change. And voices such as ours direct seekers through the darkness to the light.”

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