NLP & LOA Techniques to Transform beliefs w/Wendy Matthews 11/05/07 @8pm EDT Episode-42

What is NLP? Using it to transform your beliefs

We welcome back to the show our friend Wellness Coach Wendy Matthews who uses NLP in combination with LOA.

Wendy Matthews
Visit Wendy’s website at
“I offer law of attraction coaching and wellness therapies to support you in bridging the gap between your state of being now and your vision of wellness of mind, body, and spirit!”

Wellness Life Coaching and therapies are about giving you tools to tap into your own inner brilliance and create well-being. Well-being is defined as ” A condition of health, happiness or prosperity.”
Wendy is disciplined in many areas, such as Aqua Chi, Reiki, NLP, and Holistic ADHD Coaching. Wendy will share some techniques she uses in her successful practice to assist with releasing limiting beliefs and transforming those beliefs into empowering thoughts. Wendy on Myspace

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