Rich Orman Host of Dogma Free America Tonight 11/02/07 Episode-40

Top of the Hour: Rampage of Appreciation Game, Today’s Rampage is Technology for more information on how to play the game. Visit The Indigo Room Network at click on Groups then click on Games. 17 seconds, tickling our amygdala, word and thought of the day, myspace & website of the day, new music, book of the month announcement, and more..stay with us as we welcome..Guest Rich Orman.

November Book of the Month

Life from an atheist point of view.

Rich Orman host of Dogma Free America will be joining us tonight during our second hour .

Do you immediately shut down when someone says they don’t believe in God? Why is that the atheist viewpoint is held in such disdain by many religions? Do we all have more in common than originally perceived? If it’s all about the love then where is the love for all? Interesting conversation tonight. Visit Rich’s site at or check out his show on I-Tunes.

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