Dominion over the body: People can, if they will only realize it, talk to the organs or parts of the physical body just like they would to a child from whom they wished obedience. They can say, “Now you get into perfect normal activity and see that you maintain it!” During the time that the Life is maintained within the form, there are innumerable little workers whose duty it is to rebuild the atomic structure of the form and maintain it in perfect order.

Again one can say to that part of the Life activity, “See that my body is supple, perfect in form, and beautiful; that my hair, eyes, and every part of me glows with the Light of the Inner Activity. “MY BODY

The fact and Eternal Truth is that the consciousness is absolute master of every activity of the body and can mold it into perfect activity and form. The only reason those who know this do not get their manifestations is because they do not stay on the job. If a disobedient child were destroying something beautiful and valuable in your home, you would certainly put a stop to it. The time has come for you to do permanent work on your bodies.

The work of repairing and /perfecting the body is done through the Electron. Say to the intelligent workers in your entire body, “Get to work and see that every particle of this structure is replaced with God’s Perfection.” Do this especially at night before going to sleep. Realize that you are setting to work intelligent Beings who obey you. The consciousness must be impressed upon the workers that the Perfection is permanent. The Electron is a Focus of Perfect Energy from which the workers draw their Perfection. Instead of knowing that everything we place within the body is God’s Pure Substance, most of us have the idea that some of God’s Substance can be harmful. The idea that any of God’s Substance is naturally harmful and inharmonious to man is absolute nonsense. ~~The I AM Discourses, Volume 4 Ascended Master Instruction, 1932


“Mighty I AM Presence”! put me in my own right harmonious place and sustain me there.

Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.