The Evolution of The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality Talk Show

Since our first show aired in July 2007, The Indigo Room Talk Show has gone through many hiccups, trails and tribulations, like my own life. Yet we continued, as the tote bag my son Steven gave me states; To Keep Calm and Carry On.  We did.  We carried on and we’ve grown a lot and have changed.

The format of the show has changed. We no longer have special guests on a regular basis appearing. Our format is still laid back, sometimes a little bit crazy and still always a lot of fun.

Our topics these days are the lectures by Neville Goddard. Today The Indigo Room has become more of a discussion talk show where everyone who attends live, has the opportunity to be a guest or assist with the reading of the lectures and writings of  Neville Goddard.

Who is Neville Goddard?Neville Goddard He was considered to be a Mystic and Metaphysical New Thought Teacher.  There isn’t much written about his life except that he was born in 1905 and transitioned in 1972. He was an actor and a dancer who found himself very interested in New Thought. He studied this topic with the basis being “The Bible”.  From some research I have found that he studied the Kabbalah, The Talmud, The Torah, and other ancient text. His mentor and teacher Abdullah taught Neville the hidden symbolic meanings of Scripture.

For me, Neville’s main purpose was to get us to understand the power of using our Imagination and realizing the spiritual truth of who we are. If you were like me looking for something beyond Law of Attraction and The Secret, Neville is your man.

I began reading his lectures myself and applying what Neville teaches and found my life changing.  I also began reading Dr. Joseph Murphy’s books who also studied with Abdullah. Studying both of their books,  I finally found how to actually & actively use my Imagination effectively. The most important thing he teaches is, not to believe him.  Try and prove it to yourself.

You can read many of Neville Goddard’s lectures at or you can check out some of his lectures on YouTube. One I love in particular is How to Use Your Imagination 1 of 2
How to Use Your Imagination 2 of 2

Our shows are live every  Sunday at 12pm Eastern The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality

My new E-book Mind Garden of Eden is available for purchase for only $1.99 on The Indigo Room website,  only $2.99 on Amazon for Kindle and $2.99 on Smashwords for other e-book readers. Mind Garden of Eden is based on the teachings of Neville Goddard and I share techniques I have used to re-condition my own mind to effectively use the power of my own Imagination.

I thank you for remaining a follower of this blog and for your continued support of The Indigo Room: Creating Our Reality Talk Show. To quote one of my favorite animated characters Buzz Lightyear

“To Infinity and Beyond!!”