Back to Eden Film Online: Happy Spring Planting

While I am unable to Back to Eden Filmhost a free screening of this delicious film Back to Eden, I surely can share it with you all here. I so enjoyed watching this when it was first brought to my attention by a friend on Facebook. I shared it with the listeners of  The Indigo Room as well. I think it’s an awesome post for today. I mean it is Spring and all. Paul Gautschi  has found some amazing techniques to apply to gardening and by golly..yes I said by you can apply some of these techniques to your life. Kind of similar to my new E-book Mind Garden of Eden.

Like a the soil in a physical garden needs to be conditioned to accept the seeds we are planting similarly our minds must be re-conditioned to accept the new thoughts, ideas and beliefs we are planting.

A Quote from Neville..

(I inserted woman because some of my readers get a little wicky wacky when Neville only says man. He means all of humanity when he uses the word man. So to keep the post wicky wacky free…lol..I’ve added woman to the quote.)

Neville Goddard from Your Supreme Dominion 

“It is called Eden and man was placed within it to keep it and to care it, for the garden of God is man/woman. It is the mind of man/woman. You never find a garden unless a woman/man is present, for without a woman/man there would be a forest of wilderness. But when a woman/man is placed in it he begins to cut the trees or the seeds of wrong thinking; he clears the ground and he cultivates the ground, and then plants wisely. Then you will have dominion, for you will select the seed you will plant, the ideas you will entertain, and you will cultivate them. Knowing the outer world constantly bears witness of the inner arrangement of mind, you will only select the things you want to project into the living garment of your Father.”

Why Re-condition Our Minds On Purpose?”

“The answer is simple, your entire reality depends upon it literally. Your reality all of it, is an outward expression of what you believe, the thoughts and ideas you’ve accepted as true. Each of us have many beliefs. Some of these beliefs hinder, some help. The whole combination of beliefs make us who we are. You cannot express more than you believe, more than you have accepted or more than what you’ve been conditioned to accept as true. Ever. Whatever you are experiencing right now, at some point, either knowingly or unknowingly you became conscious of it within your own wonderful human imagination, within your mind, backed by some very intense emotional feelings.”–Excerpt from Mind Garden of Eden 

I love this film and hope you enjoy it too.

Happy Spring Planting !!