The Other Side is Speaking w/ LaSal 11/12/07 @8pm EDT Episode-44

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LaSal Host of The Other Side Speaks

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LaSal host of The Other Side Speaks, has been doing readings for over 35 years, and has worked with the Professional Psychic Counselors Network as well. LaSal connects those who’ve passed on from the physical back to Non-physical, and as she states on her own show, “You never know who is going to show up.” Literally!! One night one of her participants had his guide show up. And sometimes Ancestors you have never met but who are aware of you show up. So if you are looking to connect with a loved one come and join us tonight.The Other Side Speaks on talkcast ID 41402

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1 Comment on The Other Side is Speaking w/ LaSal 11/12/07 @8pm EDT Episode-44

  1. Alexandra Jones | November 14, 2007 at 12:49 am |

    Hi Sydney, I’m just listening to the podcasted version of Episode #44 right now, and wanted to submit a quick comment about this episode’s Good News story about the woman who made down comforters for her son and other soldiers serving in Afghanistan. While I think what she’s doing is commendable in terms of providing her son and the other soldiers with needed warmth on those cold nights, I must also point out that down is definitely not a “good news” story for the ducks and geese who provide the feathers, and that using down for these purposes is not necessary.

    The synthetic alternatives to down not only prevent the cruelty involved in “harvesting” down from slaughtered birds (or plucking the birds repeatedly while they’re still alive, which is another common practice), but synthetic “down” is also lighter, warmer, and would perform much better in the kind of conditions soldiers are likely to encounter in the field. Synthetics also tend to be hypoallergenic, an added bonus.

    You can find information about down production at the following link:

    Please understand that I’m not criticizing this lady at all for the work that she’s doing, just pointing out something that tends to fly under our collective radar. I must admit that I personally own a down comforter which I bought several years ago, never even considering that down is feathers, that feathers come from birds, or that the birds probably suffered in the process. We live in a society that encourages us to forget these things. Now that I know where down comes from and how it is produced, I will never again consider buying any item that contains it. I hope your readers will find this information similarly empowering.

    And for a Good News story really is good news for ALL beings involved, please check out the wonderful work Karen Davis is doing with her organization United Poultry Concern:

    Karen runs a sanctuary for abused hens, ducks, turkeys, geese and other birds, and she does educational outreach encouraging humans to extend our circle of compassion to include all beings.

    OK, I guess that wasn’t such a quick comment but I really felt I had to share it. Keep up the good work! I will go back to listening to the rest of the episode now.


    Vancouver, Canada

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