Having Fun With My Language of Attraction..Are You?

As you may have already read my last post, I was thoroughly excited by the episode I listened to on the No Out There Talk Show last Wednesday. I hope you gave yourself the gift of listening to it as well. I was excited not because I heard something new, but because I heard something I already knew but was not putting into practice as often as I could have. These seemingly simple tini, tiny 8 words has assisted me with my own Vibration Conversation, I have daily in my journal and in my own mind. I have to say it expanded the fire I had inside of me to use my own language in even more better feeling ways.

indigoroomlogo09a1I am so looking forward to the new episode of The Indigo Room on Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 6pm Eastern and hope you will join me for another Vibration Conversation.

Vibration Conversations is where we speak of our lives, dreams and desires in past tense, as if it’s already happened, as if it’s already done, because it is. Vibration Conversations is where we give our desires more air time. It’s where we suspend our thoughts to what is, the reality that is, and play Pre-Tend. Law of attraction will fix the things when we see the things already fixed. God/Source/The Universe has already given the answer to whatever it is we’ve been asking for, now it’s up to us to see it and believe it.

“When you begin to change the story you are telling about your life, your life story begins to change.”

If you were trying to explain a recipe to someone or a book you just read or a movie you just saw or even a restaurant you went to and enjoyed you would give them some delicious details wouldn’t you? You would tell them why you thought the movie, the book, the recipe, or the restaurant was so good. We are good at giving details after the event has taken place, now it’s time to get good at adding more creative flavor to the things you are wanting to be do and have before they have taken place.

Example: Let’s say you are wanting to have a better relationship with one of your family members. And for the last few years it has been strained. Every time you have a thought about this person eh..you know what I am going to say..you just feel wicky wacky. You’ve been talking about this strained relationship for a long time now. And honestly you may be just throwing up your hands. But you really want things to change. So Pre-Tend it has in your thoughts only. Start talking about this relationship to yourself in new and expanded ways. “I just love how so and so treats me these days. You know it was incredible they sent me flowers and a card that said I love you. I was just bowled over. They really are alot of fun to be around. I had a conversation with them just last week and we laughed so hard we cried. I went out to dinner with them too and they paid for the whole meal.” Just an example add your own words, your own thoughts, your own feelings of course. It’s your reality, what do you want to experience in it?

Example: Maybe you are wanting a new job? Or are looking for a job? Maybe you just want to start doing better in the job you already have? Start talking about your new job in ways that feel fun and good to you, as if it’s already come to pass. “I love that this job I have. Wow it really is a cool place to work. I am having so much fun meeting new people. And my boss is pretty awesome. I like that I get to create my own hours. It was so very cool when I was asked what days I wanted to work. 4 days on and 3 days off. And the pay is pretty good too. I love getting the checks with my name on them every week. I have been able to do so many things with the money that is flowing into my experience. It was nice to hear when they hired me that they had been looking for someone like me for a long time. It just made me smile all over.” Again just an example, use your own words, your own details, yours, yours, yours.

On the onset this may seem silly and stupid to you…so what? Who cares? If what you have been thinking, being, doing hasn’t worked for you, why not try something a little bit different? Which brings me to some words I’ve been using this week, along side of the 8 Magic Words, to assist me with what I am being, doing and having. You may find them useful as well.

When I have some wicky wacky thoughts and feelings, I say to myself:

MIND reminds me to M-move I-in N-new D-directions, yep I start moving my mind in new feeling-thought directions
or also M-make I-it N-no D-doubt.
VIBE reminds me to V-vibrate I-in B-better E-emotions, I say hey I can feel better here. Vibe Vibe Vibe
REACH reminds me to R-remember E-energy A-always C-changes H-how something manifests…so I Reach for a better feeling thought.
and one more
FOLLOW reminds me to F-ocus O-on L-letting L-love O-open W-wisdom.

Play with your own words and language, just begin. And pop on over tomorrow to The Indigo Room Show and lets play together.
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Love and Light
Sydney Chase

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