perfection is acheieved

Try to recognize that in the slightest activity in the outer, it is always the Power or Energy of God acting. Know this! Then stimulate the activity of the consciousness into recognizing that as you consciously direct this God Power into the channel of your highest desires, you can enter into Its Limitless Use. You do this by recognizing that It is All powerful and that through your own consciousness you give It full Power. This will bring the focus of using your God Power under your conscious, demanded direction, so that instead of many outlets, there is but the single outlet upon which It is focused. By this you know it is impossible not to attain the desired results.

Students everywhere, especially long for Perfection of form, of voice, of activity—when the only thing that stands between them and this Perfection is their own lack of unwavering confidence in the Inner God Power, which is the Life flowing through their forms to produce this desired effect right now.

Marvels: Do I startle you when I say that one minute a day of actually, joyously feeling this Mighty Perfection of God permeating your mind and being with Its Full Intensity, would in a few months transmute and transform your entire outer appearance? Strange to say, there is only now and then one who will stay close enough to this simple thing to produce these glorious results. The same may be achieved in the use of this great Love, Wisdom, and Power. Do not wait for something to demand it; but continuously, every time you have a few moments during the day, do the following: Just be still and feel this Perfection of God filling every cell of your being, mind, and body; and you will soon see sufficient results to go joyously on until the complete transformation takes place.

Most individuals, after a few times, a few days, and at most a few weeks, find the joyous enthusiasm waning; and the first thing they know, they have dropped the idea entirely—only because the restless outer has in some way gained their attention. I tell you, Beloved Students, there is no use delaying the Day of Attainment. If you need to renew a garment or you have a desire for a certain kind of food, you find no effort in holding fast to the idea until it comes. It is no harder to enter into the full Illumination of the Light, which contains the Essence of all outer form, and have that Perfect Manifestation in your Life—than it is to get the food or clothing. I leave it to you. Is it not a much more worthy effort?

Ascended Master Instruction, The I AM Discourses Vol 4.

Mighty I AM Presence! Take out of me all doubt and fear, and charge me with Thy Eternal Love, Courage, Strength, Protection and ever-expanding Perfection.
Adorations & Affirmations, The I AM Discourses Vol 5.