Podcasting The Indigo Room on Talkshoe & 10 Reasons Why I love it.

I am very new to the podcasting sphere. Yet my experience thus far has been quite fun and interesting.

I am not sure if you could categorize me as a podcaster though, the reason I say that is my show is always always live, it’s an interactive talkcast. That is what I love about Talkshoe. Although many other platforms allow folks to broadcast their podcast live, I haven’t yet seen anyone that compares to Talkshoe.

#1 . It’s free. No cost to set up, no cost to host my show on their server. Anyone can start a live talkcast as soon as they’ve created a profile if they so desired.

#2. They pay you to broadcast your talkcast live. It is not a lot of money but it can add up depending on how many live participants I have and how many downloads my show receives. That works for me.

#3. Their technical support is spot on. Got a problem with your show? I can e-mail tech support or call them and they respond within minutes. Sometimes the tech folks pop into my show to make sure everything is running properly even after they’ve fixed the problem. I love that.

#4 . The Staff at Talkshoe is accessible to all hosts. They run their own shows weekly, you can pop in ask questions and they listen to hosts suggestions to make Talkshoe even better than it already is. They are always always adding new improvements. I love that too. Everyone is accessible right on up to the CEO Dave.

#5 Having a chat room attached to my show that launches immediately after downloading The TalkShoe Live Software is stellar. It makes my show so much more intimate. I get to interact with all of the folks in my chatroom immediately. It’s gotten so now that folks show up 15 minutes before the show actually starts to chit chat with me, my producer and the other Indigo Room friends that enter the room. I love getting to know the people who are listening to the show. My show is a two hour show and the majority of my listeners stay the whole length of the show and have become regulars in the chat room. I start to anticipate seeing them all each week and interacting with them. It really makes my show fun to do. I love how interactive Talkshoe is. Through the chat room at Talkshoe I have made some really cool friends, not just from my show but from other shows hosted on Talkshoe as well.

#6. I get to control the time and dates I broadcast my show. I want a new show or episode added I can do that immediately. If I want to add an extra episode I just go into my talkcast page and set it up, no hassles. No requesting primetime time slots. I decide the when. I’m the decider..teehee.

# 7. Publishing my show is easy peasy. I just create my show, and click a few buttons on my page and submit my RSS feeds and bam I am a published podcaster or should I say talkcaster. The recording of my live show is done right on the Talkshoe platform and uploaded very quickly for immediate downloads and listens. If I’m not happy with what I’ve created, I can hide it from the world with the click of a button until I get it the way I want it. Then I just upload the edited version right back to the Talkshoe platform, no call no foul.

#8. I can have up to 250 callers into my show at one time and thousands of listeners. No waiting, no busy signals, no hassles. And now that they’ve added caller ID, callers can now call in without creating a profile. Just dial the main switchboard and enter the talkcast ID number and callers are immediately connected to the show from wherever they are on the planet, well as long as they have a dial tone that is.

#9. Folks using Voip technology like Skype or Gizmo can easily access my broadcast without fumbling for a phone. And having that technology makes it even simpler for people calling into my show from other countries, and then it Gets even better with the Free Shoephone they’ve just installed.

#10. Let me tell you about Shoephone. Ahhh Shoephone…in my best Homer Simpson voice, is attached to the Free Talkshoe Live Software. With the click of a button participants are immediately connected to my talkcast without using Skype, Gizmo or analog technology, that would be a regular phone to us lay folks…lol. As long as they’ve got a microphone and a headset Shoephone is free.

There are plenty more bells and whistles for a Talkshoe Host or Talkshoe Participant to use on Talkshoe. Okay I have to add one more reason why I love Talkshoe.

#11. New to Talkshoe? As a newbie myself, I have to say there are always plenty of folks around who are broadcasting live shows, willing and ready to help anyone navigate the ins and outs of Talkshoe at the drop of a hat…: ). All you have to do is set up a Test Run show and someone is bound to come in to offer assistance. I know, it happened to me. I love the social community that continues to grow weekly, daily, and minutely. Is that a word? Well it should be.

Thanks Talkshoe for making my podcasting experience fun, informative and well just delicious.

If you are interested in creating a live podcast give Talkshoe a whirl, tell em’ Sydney from The Indigo Room , sent ya.


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